Archive of the official The Prodigy websites 2002 - 2008

The old official The Prodigy websites were made using Macromedia (later Adobe) Director and Flash, requiring the Shockwave and Flash browser plugins. These plugins were unstable and a huge security problem, and they were discontinued by all major browsers years ago. For this reason, it is no longer possible to experience the old official websites using your normal browser*.

However ...

You can now download an old school virtual machine that contains an old browser and the old websites in one single package, ready to start up and browse. With a virtual machine, the security and stability problems associated with the old plugins and browser will not affect your actual computer.
(1) Download and install VMware Player 17.5 or later for Linux or Windows (if you do not have it already)**
(2) Download the virtual machine and unpack it (3.4 GB)
(3) Start VMware Player, press "Player" (top left) -> "File" -> "Open" and point it to the file "TheProdigy.vmx" that you unzipped in step 2
(4) Press "Play virtual machine" in VMware player, and wait for the virtual machine to start up
(5) You can now open the Firefox browser in the virtual machine and browse the old websites!

If you need it, the username in the virtual machine is "liam" and the password is "liam".
The performance of the virtual machine depends on the computer you run it on. I have tested the virtual machine on a Ryzen 7700X, i7 7700K and i3 12100F with 2 cores and 4GB RAM allocated to the virtual machine, and the performance was good. Laptops with low power / low performance CPUs might struggle. You can download the files that were hosted on or embedded in the old websites by clicking here.

The following websites are included in the virtual machine:

The 2008 IMD website has never been online here before and cannot be seen even on The only way to re-visit it is via the virtual machine.

*The old version of the website archive with live pages can be found here, including my terrible spelling and questionable art skills. The AONO to TLTS era websites (Flash) can be partially emulated in Chrome and Firefox with the Ruffle add-on. I am not sure if there exists a browser that is old enough to support the Shockwave plugin (to view the BGAT websites) but new enough to be compatible with TLS 1.3 which this website requires.

**It might be possible to run the virtual machine on Mac using VMware fusion, but I do not own a Mac and have no way of testing it.

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any of the official The Prodigy websites, and I am hosting them only for the purpose of archiving old internet / Prodigy history.