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Their Law

The "Their Law" website was created by rock-star.co.uk, and came online in 2005 to promote The Prodigy's "Their law - The Singles" best-of album.

Fans found the website a few days before the planned launch, which led to Liam state in an interview, that the website "got hacked". What really happened was, that the old website (AONO website 2004-2005) used a popup window to launch the actual site, which some fans had saved in their browsers bookmarks. This launcher was not taken offline during the website maintenance, thus enabling people to discover the new website while it was still under construction.

The "Their Law" website featured a number of pictures and flyers, from The Prodigy's early days untill 2005, and included a number of unreleased tracks, like "Death of the prodigy dancer" instrumental version and "Lift me". To many fans disappointment, the unreleased tracks had been embedded into the flash files in low MP3 quality, thus reducing the joy.

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