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AONO e-card

The AONO e-card site was created by rock-star.co.uk as part of Maverick's promotion of the album in the states.

The AONO e-card site was hosted at http://www.hyfntrak.com/prodigy/AFF8063/ and parts of it is still (may 2008) hosted there, except the video clips which have not been working since sometime in 2005. People could forward the e-card to friends, by email or AIM, directly from the site.

Little is known about the success of the e-card, but Maverick's promotion of the album in the states was generaly concidered a failiure. Their main way of promotion was a so called "Street team", which did not accomplish anything significant, resulting in the album only selling 16.000 copies the first week of its release (there had been sold more albums in the UK on the first day only). Liam stated in an interview that he was more angry about Maverick's lack of promotion, than the album leaking on the internet (leaked in june 2004).

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